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About Trusted Business Advisors of Michigan

Today more than ever, you need a source of trustworthy information that offers the insight and experience necessary to effectively navigate the business landscape.


We are a team of business owners who have earned the status of trusted advisor by offering necessary professional business services to Michigan’s lower middle market business owners. We have learned that individually, we can do a lot…but we can’t do it all. It takes a team.

As a business owner, leading your company from creation/entry, through growth, to maturity, and finally to the exit from your business, you will appreciate the guidance from a team of dedicated and focused professionals…your trusted advisors.

About MBAN
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Acquired Professional Competence

To Assist Business Owners

We continue to work hard to assemble the best of the best. We believe the quality of the group, not the size of the group, is what truly matters.

Each member of Trusted Business Advisors of Michigan has been selected based on their acquired professional competence to assist business owners while bringing improvements to various factions – e.g., operating performance, financial performance, profitability, and ultimately, value.

We Can Help

Wherever You Are In Your Entrepreneural Journey

No matter what life stage your business may be in, our core team is ready to listen:

  • Understand your goals and objectives,
  • Provide recommendations and outline a meaningful strategy
  • Introduce you to a short list of proven professional advisors with expertise to support and implement the strategy.

Are We A Good Fit?

You Will Need To Make That Decision

Whether your business is post-startup, focused on growth, leveling off in maturity or strategizing for the day you exit the business with value in hand, it is never too early or too late to assemble the best team of trusted advisors to assist.

By requesting a meeting or phone call we can help you determine if Trusted Business Advisors of Michigan can help facilitate the path to your vision and provide access to the most effective team of advisors.