Trusted Business Advisors
Supporting Michigan Businesses

Advisor Commitment

TBAM advisors will provide 2-3 hours of free consulting. They will answer your questions, and give you specific tools and problem-solving skills and guidance.

Beyond that high level review, the rest is up to you. The initial consultation, either by phone or in person, is no cost to you and you are not obligated to hire any advisor. However, you are encouraged to request from the selected advisor(s) some additional time talking about goals and the history of the business, visiting the premises, meeting with employees, reviewing records, etc.

Each TBAM Member Advisor is an independent business owner with experience that they can apply to identifying potential areas of concern, solving problems, and guiding businesses through expansion and growth. If there is a specific area of concern, the business advisor is prepared to focus on it and provide you with a proposal to address suggested services.

Who We Serve

Business Advisors

Trusted advisors supporting Michigan lower middle market businesses
TBAM members are expert professionals who have individually earned the reputation of trusted advisor for their clients across the State of Michigan. We can provide value to virtually any for-profit business enterprise. As individuals, the core or our client base is:

  1. Privately owned, closely held businesses
  2. Typical annual revenues of $2M to $25M
  3. Startups with 3-year projection of $2M annual revenue or greater
Business Advisors

Cooperation with statewide business support organizations
TBAM is also ready to cooperate with the many statewide business support organizations. These organizations can work with us directly or refer company owners to us to contact. Organizations include:

  1. Michigan Business Connect
  2. SBAM
  3. SBDC
  4. MBPA
  5. Trade Associations
  6. Chambers
  7. Universities
  8. Business Development Groups including SPARK, SCORE and New Enterprise Forums

What We Offer

Business Advisors

Our advisor group offers a number of ways for lower middle market businesses to get unique, relevant and timely support

  1. One-on-one mentoring
  2. Team mentoring
  3. Networking events
  4. Educational events
Business Advisors

We have dozens of advisors offering expertise in:

  1. Marketing & Business Development
  2. Insurance & Investments
  3. Business Legal Services
  4. Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Sales
  5. Business Financing
  6. Organizational Consulting
  7. Accounting Services
  8. Business Coach/Trainer
  9. Business Loans